Monday, April 12, 2010

A Noble Idea

April 12, 2010
With their San Francisco holiday being extended as long as it has, Nibs decided he needed some new music to keep him going so he ventured to Barnes and Noble in Corte Madera.

First things first: Nibs needed a little sustenance before choosing his fresh tunes.

He settled on a blueberry muffin and coffee. That should get him through the morning.

Nibs was thrilled to learn he could listen to the music before making a purchase!

The selection was overwhelming. Nibs narrowed his choice down to a Brazilian acoustic collection. Perfect for spring afternoons.

BTW: Teddy is still asleep...


  1. yes, the cafe is INSIDE the bookstore... a very big and good Barnes

  2. Does Teddy like music as well? What are their favorite genres?

  3. Teddy loves Fran Sinatra and Rosemary Clooney. That's George Clooney's aunt.
    Both bears also enjoy Latin music... go figure!

  4. oops, that was FRANK Sinatra not Fran
    ha ha ha