Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Morning Sausalito!

April 2, 2010
How do bears keep from getting grumpy in the morning? They get premium coffee at Starbucks! This morning Nibs went to the Starbucks on Bridgeway Avenue in Sausalito.

Nibs opted for a latte. Nothing too fancy.

This Starbucks is big! There were many treats available. Nibs picked up a Cinnamon Bun for Teddy.

Nibs was interested in this "San Francisco" mug. He had no idea Starbucks sold touristy things like this. He snapped one up.

Time for a power walk!


  1. ...or maybe the mug should say "Sausalito"?

  2. Starbucks? Yummer! Sumatra! Americana! You look like you have just enough mugs to wake you up.

  3. Nibs likes the lattes... Teddy likes all the food. She eats a lot.

  4. Teddy needs to learn to eat a lot. It's the teddy bear's way. kehehehehe