Monday, April 5, 2010

The Day After The Storm

April 5, 2010
It was a strange Easter Sunday for Teddy and Nibs while vacationing in San Francisco. Not only did they experience a major rain storm, but there was a 4.1 earthquake in nearby Santa Rosa (not to mention a 7.2 in Mexico. Egad!). Today the clouds cleared so Teddy and Nibs took a calm stroll down Tiburon's historic Ark Row.

The bears checked out the quaint shops like Keith Bartel Goldsmith.

The "Row" was landscaped beautifully. There were spring flowers everywhere!

Teddy took a fancy to Saint Germain's Jewels & Art.

So many baubles to choose from! Aquamarine, amethyst, jade... what should Teddy pick?

Let's hope Nibs is in a spending mood.


  1. Do the bears like chocolate bunnies? :-)

  2. Oh yes, they like chocolate ANYTHING!

  3. Was Nibs in a spending mood? ;-)

  4. What did the earthquake feel like? Any damage?

  5. Nibs didn't buy anything. Phooey. He said Teddy might get something small for her birthday this summer... maybe

    No one really felt the earthquake.... good thing! Bears don't like earthquakes