Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fort Cronkhite

April 8, 2010
The bears decided to take advantage of the nice weather in the Bay Area by taking a day trip to Rodeo Beach at Fort Cronkhite, just a mile North of San Francisco in Marin County.

The fort was used during WWII to make sure enemy war ships didn't secretly glide under the Golden Gate Bridge and into the City By The Bay.

Today fragments of the forts remain. The area is mostly used for recreation like surfing and picnicking.

Teddy and Nibs took lots of photos. They were fascinated by the reddish sand.

Sheesh, Teddy and Nibs have come far lately. Just a few weeks ago Nibs was running all over San Francisco trying to locate Teddy who was in the midst of a tantrum.

Good thing he forgives and forgets easily.


  1. does anyone know why the sand is red? is that from clay?

  2. If'n it's just red there (and looks brown to us, too kehehehe), it's probably from the rust of the old WWII buildings. Even if it's red throughout the area, it has to do with high iron content in the soil. Iron and water make rust - red.

    BUT, came to tell you the secret to a long and happy marriage - never, ever say a woman had a temper tantrum. Even if she did, she will get upset if you say those words about her.

    Wominz! Gotta love 'em, but they are sensitve (in a good way, of course) creatures!