Thursday, April 1, 2010

Coffee Talk

April 1, 2010
Last night Teddy was fatigued from all her sight-seeing so she stayed at the hotel while Nibs ventured out for an Irish Coffee.

Nibs roamed the North Beach section of San Francisco and settled on Tosca Cafe on Columbus Avenue.

The bartender was very sociable and discussed his early days living in New Jersey. Nibs listened intently.

The atmosphere was pure Italiano with big paintings of Venice and red chairs. Teddy would have dug this cafe.


  1. Tosca Cafe
    242 Columbus Avenue
    San Francisco, CA 94133
    (415) 986-9651

  2. Beautiful! Makes me want an Irish Coffee!!

  3. Yippee! They're back together!

    We still vote for abundant bears, not fitness. Much easier to maintain abundance! Just saying! Kehehehehe

    Are they going to go skateboarding down one of the famous San Francisco hills?

  4. skateboarding? that's a great idea. i will ask the bears if they can handle it. those streets are STEEP