Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Last Day In San Francisco

April 20, 2010
It's a sad day for the bears because it's their last day in San Francisco. Nibs took a trip across the Golden Gate Bridge to soak in the city life before heading down South.

Nibs just can't believe how many people bicycle across the bridge, which is almost two miles long. That's quite a trek especially considering all that wind they have to cycle against.

He also can't believe the bridge toll is a whopping $6. Nibs' pal Berit told him that the toll is so high because the city uses the money not just for maintaining the bridge, but they also fund Bay Area buses and ferries. Go figure!

What should Nibs do on his last day in San Fran?


  1. as you can see on the sign above, the bridge does have carpool hours. 5 am to 9 am AND 4 pm to 6pm on weekdays. but you have to have 3 or more peeps in your vehicle

  2. They don't count bears for the car pool lane? What a shame. Enjoyed your trip vicariously.

  3. they don't count bears at all! Grrr... Nibs wants to talk to Mayor Gavin Newsom about changing the rules.