Saturday, September 26, 2009

Teddy Pizza Thief

September 26, 2009
Last night Nibs was not in the mood to cook or to go out to dinner so he picked up a sausage and onion pizza from his friend Fabrizzio's restaurant, House of Pasta on Jefferson Boulevard in Culver City. Teddy always says she doesn't want pizza for dinner, turning her nose up at the thought of such a simple meal. But when Nibs brings that pizza home, who's the first bear to stick her paw in the box and grab a slice? Teddy! See above how Teddy is caught red-pawed sneaking the first piece. That Teddy! To order your own Fabrizzio-made pizza, call 310-313-6078 or log onto


  1. House of Pasta is on Jefferson near the 405. It's not just take out. It's also a restaurant and they play old Italian movies. Check it out! The owner used to be the manager of Piccolo Paradiso in Beverly Hills!

  2. what's wrong with pizza for dinner? i have that at least once a week and it's great...!

  3. do they have a House of Pasta in Marin County?

  4. not a bad dinner
    why does Teddy complain?