Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fill 'Er Up!

September 2, 2009
Nibs has always been fascinated by the futuristic-looking Arco gas station on the corner of Robertson and Olympic Blvds. in L.A. so today he stopped there to check it out. Not only were the prices low, the place was so clean and happy! Nibs loved the cool graphics on the check out monitor. He also was pleasantly surprised by the lavender-scented towelettes they offered to clean that gas smell off his paws (pee-yew!). Nibs filled up his tank today because tomorrow evening he is taking Teddy to Santa Barbara for Labor Day weekend. Nibs likes to be super-duper prepared!


  1. The gas station is much cheaper than any of the gas stations in Beverly Hills, fyi...

  2. It seems like while Teddy does all the fun stuff, Nibs does all the hard stuff, like get gas, etc...

  3. what a fancy gas station, we don't have that in Marin County