Friday, September 4, 2009

Santa Barbara!

September 4, 2009
After a nearly two hour car ride from Los Angeles, Teddy and Nibs finally made it to Santa Barbara, which was a huge relief for the bears because it's 20 degrees cooler. Also, the air is much cleaner (L.A. is still smoke-filled from those awful fires). Teddy and Nibs hope to unwind in this beautiful, historical town, which is also known as "America's Riviera." Oh-la-la! Santa Barbara was first built up in 1782 when missionary Padre Junipero Serra arrived on its pretty shores. He brought with him a heavy Spanish influence thus the town's architecture is predominantly Spanish Colonial Revival. Teddy read that on Wikipedia. She's so smart! If you look at the last photo of Teddy and Nibs you'll notice there's a Nordstrom behind the bears. Let's hope Teddy doesn't overspend there again and get in trouble with Nibs!


  1. ...the photos were taken near State Street, fyi.

  2. good choice for a vacation. I was there in the 70s. Nice place

  3. i want to go on a vacay with them