Monday, November 1, 2010

Teddy's Black Magic

November 1, 2010
For Halloween, Teddy wanted to look like a Golden Age movie star. She called her outfit "Black Magic."
Check out the red lips! Teddy's never had a better pucker.
And the eyelashes. Notice Teddy's have diamonds on them.
Nibs was most impressed, especially with her feathered boa.
He congratulated her with a smooch.
Awww... But still Nibs refused to dress up. That Nibs.


  1. Wow how glamorous Teddy looks in her costume and makeup. Very dramatic. Of course I prefer Teddy au natural. That's real beauty!

  2. so nice of u to say! Teddy really liked dressing up. She said she may do it every month instead of just once a year... :)