Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fopsie A Bride?

November 10, 2010
Yesterday Teddy invited Fopsie over for some tea and cookies. Teddy said it was time for them to catch up, and when Teddy says "catch up" she means she wants to know what's going on with Herbert! (That nosy Teddy.)
"I'm in love," declared Fopsie. "And I want to get married."
 Teddy was shocked. She didn't expect Fops to fall so hard. "Can I start planning a wedding?" Teddy asked.
"Well, first Herbert has to pop the question," said Fopsie. Ding ding ding! Project for Teddy!


  1. will Nibs get mad that Teddy will be back to her scheming ways? YOUBETCHA

  2. Oh dear! I guess Nibs will be checking into the Century Plaza again, maybe for a longer stay.

  3. How did getting married get into Fopsie's head? How long have she and Herbert been dating, anyway? And how long did Tibs date before they married?

    P.S. Would Herbert move into Fopsie's grand home? Or does he have a place of his own where Fopsie can see herself living?

  4. Has Teddy tried Lady Grey tea? It's like Earl Grey, but with a delicate hint of lemon.