Friday, November 19, 2010

Sister Time

November 19, 2010
With the holidays fast approaching, Teddy thought it might be a good idea to spend some time with her little sister Felicia. So she asked her to meet up at Ugo in Culver City for brunch.
Felicia arrived late, as usual! But Teddy tried to overlook her sister's tardiness. She didn't want any fighting today. (That's Felicia on the left and Teddy on the right, in case you get confused!)
Teddy ordered the Eggs Benedict, as usual, and asked Felicia how everything was going...
Felicia ordered some kind of omelet situation and asked Teddy if she was getting along with Nibs.
"You think Nibs and I fight all the time, don't you?" asked Teddy. "Well, we don't!" So much for a peaceful brunch.
Felicia (above) looked shocked that Teddy was being so feisty. (It really can't be easy being Teddy's little sister, can it?)


  1. yes, Ugo is Teddy's FAVE brunch spot!

  2. This didn't go the way I thought it was headed. When I saw that Felicia was wearing a single strand pearl necklace (instead of her double strand), I thought Teddy would accuse little sis of being a copy cat. Teddy managed to find something else offensive. Poor Felicia.

    Both sisters look so cute together.

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  4. Teddy and Felicia seem to have a complex relationship! What's the history there? Any fighting over beaus (e.g., the Italian, or Nibs)? :-)