Friday, November 5, 2010

So Long Lashes!

November 5, 2010
Last night Teddy had a nightmare that her false eyelashes turned into spiders and they crawled all over her fur! Eeek! So when she woke up this morning she took off the little critters.
The nightscare freaked her out so much she decided to dispose of the lashes immediately, but not in the house. These things were too dangerous to keep indoors! So Teddy walked outside to the trash bin.
So long lashes! Don't come back!
Awww, Teddy feels better now that she's lash free. She is certain Nibs will be relieved too. He didn't seem too fond of her wearing them past H'ween.
Happy Friday!


  1. Congratulations Teddy, you are a natural beauty.

    We all need to throw away something. There are so many things it's hard to decide.