Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fopsie Drops Some Hints

November 17, 2010
With marriage on her mind, Fopsie invited Herbert over for root beer and cookies in her backyard.
"Herbert, don't you think two is better than one?" she asked coyly. "Yes, I do," said Herbert.
"And don't you believe that there is such a thing as soul mates?" she added. "Well, yes," said Herbert.
"These cookies are delicious!" said Herbert. Fopsie was crestfallen. Herbert didn't seem to be getting the point.
When Herbert saw a small tear roll down Fopsie's fur, he jumped into her seat. "What is it Fops?" he asked....


  1. should Fops just come out and say it?

  2. Poor Fopsie. Herbert obviously cares about her but he may feel it is too soon to get serious. I think Fopsie should tell him what she is feeling but maybe it would be better if she left out the marriage part for now.

  3. I agree with Anon. It's fine for Fopsie to share her feelings, but it seems that there's no need to rush toward marriage so quickly. What happened to good, old-fashioned courtship? Fopsie needs to let Herbert romance and woo her... she should sit back and enjoy this experience. No need to rush. :-)