Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is Something Missing Here?

November 3, 2010
Over a corn flake cereal breakfast this morning, Nibs noticed something peculiar about Teddy.
One of her fake eyelashes was, um, missing!
Nibs didn't have the heart to tell her that one of her false eyelashes from Halloween was not in place.
But he just had to. He can't let her going out of the house that way! What will the neighbors think?
Teddy didn't believe him until she looked in the mirror. Egad! What is she going to do now?
She told Nibs, "Find that lash!"


  1. Check the cereal bowl. There may be a little sparkly caterpillar in it.

  2. What is she going to do now, you ask? I say, find those lashes and get that glue! Unless, of course, she is ready to transition back to Classic Teddy, who, I feel needs no embellishment to look fabulous. :)