Monday, November 29, 2010

A Very Tibs Thanksgiving

November 29, 2010
How was your Turkey Day? Teddy and Nibs' was quite cozy. To get in the Thanksgiving mood, Teddy decorated the house in festive autumn colors...
...and she set the table for 8. Can't leave Fopsie and Herbert and Teddy's little sister Felicia out of the celebration!
There were plenty of flowers everywhere....
...and even a cupcake pyramid! YUMZIES.
And, yes, Teddy even did a little cooking (gasp!).
No fighting this year. Call it a T-day MIRACLE!


  1. Who are the three other guests? I count Teddy, Nibs, Felicia, Fopsie and Herbert.

  2. Not Edward! Poor Edward doesn't get invited to many affairs lately...

  3. Is Tibs keeping in touch with Edward? Maybe Teddy can set Edward up with her sister Felicia! (Is Felicia available?)