Monday, November 15, 2010

It's Complicated

November 15, 2010
This weekend Teddy caught It's Complicated on HBO. Nibs refused to watch, saying it was a Chick Flick.
Meryl Streep stars as a divorcee in this 2009 comedy from director Nancy Meyers. She gets caught up in an affair with her ex-husband played by the superbly hilarious Alec Baldwin.
Life for Meryl's harried, middle-aged baker gets "complicated" when she also starts romancing her architect, played by the wooden Steve Martin.
Teddy could never imagine dating an ex. She hasn't even spoken to her ex, a swarthy Italian named Beffalo, for over a decade!
Meryl ends up with the architect which is a sound choice because you just can't recycle husbands! Teddy hopes she never has to. Though she complains about her Nibs, she couldn't live without her bow-tied better half! Awww...


  1. "A swarthy Italian named Beffalo" -- WHAT? I want to hear more about Teddy's ex! Ex husband or ex boyfriend? This must have been during the Santa Barbara years. Did Beffalo work at the bakery?

  2. Nibs is VERY jealous of Beffalo, so I will have to be careful that Nibs doesn't see too much on this blog or he will go bonkers

  3. Oh, I *love* Meryl Streep and Steve Martin! I'll have to see this flick asap. Please tell us more about this "Beffalo" fellow. Did Teddy call him "Beff" for short? Is he back in Italy? Has he tried to contact Teddy since they broke up? Does Teddy know what has become of him? Very intriguing!

  4. should i track down Beffalo?
    I am afraid that might be stirring up trouble