Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Eyes Have It

November 2, 2010
It's been two days since Halloween and Teddy isn't quite letting go of the holiday. While reading about Thanksgiving recipes in Real Simple magazine this morning, Teddy appeared different.
Can you tell what is off about our favorite bear?
Nibs can and he's quite concerned.
"Teddy, when are you going to take off your false eyelashes?" Nibs asked.
"Never!" barked Teddy. "I want to keep them on forever and ever and ever!"
It was a little too early for Nibs to deal with Teddy's crazy so he just gave her a smooch and walked away. One has to be careful with temperamental bears...


  1. Can you REALLY blame Teddy? They look so good on her! :)

  2. That expression on Nibs face looking at the camera as Teddy barks (bears can bark?) "NEVER!" says it all. Poor Nibs, he must get lonely sometimes with Teddy living on her own wavelength.