Friday, October 29, 2010

See's The Day!

October 29, 2010
No Halloween is complete without a trip to See's candy in The Century City Mall.
Teddy just loves their window displays... so festive, no?
Teddy has a lot of people to shop for this year: Nibs, of course (even though he's being very sour), Fopsie, Herbert, Felicia...
Good thing they had plenty of supplies. Sometimes See's nearly runs out. Now that is scary!


  1. See's is my favorite candy store too. They always have special holiday treats and they give away free sample chocolates with each purchase as I am sure Teddy knows.

    Maybe something from See's will sweeten Nibs' mood.

  2. Good point. Teddy needs to get Nibs in the spirit. I can't wait to see what costumes they settle on!!!

  3. Cute post title! I can't wait to see them in costume, either. Especially Nibs - he being a rather serious bear, and all! :)

  4. Sorry Sonia. Nibs did not dress up this year. :( But Teddy did!