Friday, October 8, 2010

Fopsie's Rooster Is Loose!

October 8, 2010
Fopsie has not been answering her phone lately (?!) so today Teddy went to visit her old pal at her house.
Fopsie didn't answer her doorbell (oh yeah, duh, Fopsie is at work!), but Teddy did see Fops' pet rooster wandering the street.
Teddy tried to catch Mr. Farnsworth (that's his name!) but he kept slipping through her paws.
Here's a better look at Mr. Farnsworth... Isn't he a good looking bird?


  1. Do YOU own a pet rooster? Not many people do these days...

  2. Chickens in Beverly Hills?

  3. Times are tough all over. Hope the neighbors like to get up early.

  4. Is a rooster a chicken? I will have to look that up.

  5. Whowouldathunk?
    from wikipedia:
    A rooster, or a cock, is a male chicken (Gallus gallus) with the female being called a hen.

  6. What a grand home Fopsie lives in! Does she live there alone? I hope she has help cleaning that place! - Especially since she's a working bear!

  7. My grandmother had a pet rooster. I'm not sure if it was while she was an adult, in Argentina, or as a child. I'll find out. Does Fopsie's rooster have any hen friends, or is he a bachelor bird?