Monday, October 18, 2010

Ugo Showdown

October 18, 2010
Herbert arrived. He came on time and slid into his seat. He was all smiles. Fopsie was happy to see him. But she was nervous.
After he ordered his Cafe Americano, Herbert jumped right into the subject Fopsie wanted to address. "I seem to be losing my British accent a bit, aren't I? I can explain!" Herbert confessed he's not British. He just lived in England for many years.
He also confessed that he grew up in Santa Barbara... the wrong side of Santa Barbara. He even worked with Teddy for a while at a bakery. They earned minimum wage and struggled. When Teddy met Nibs, everything changed. Nibs paid for Herbert's Masters program at Cambridge and helped him get a job. "That doesn't bother you Fopsie, does it? That I started off from the bottom?"


  1. What will Fopsie say? She should be happy with Herbert's answers. After all, he worked his way up from the bottom! That is to be admired...

  2. I'm pulling for you, Herbert! And I have faith in Fopsie too.

  3. Herbert's obviously a very hard worker! That's something to be admired, I agree.