Friday, October 1, 2010

Nibs Hotels It

October 1, 2010
Nibs had a financial planning conference to attend in Century City this afternoon. The festivities run until the wee hours. Instead of commuting he decided to spend the night at The Century Plaza hotel. Teddy has been driving him nuts with this Edward/Fopsie/Herbert love triangle. He needed a break!
Nibs has always liked The Century Plaza because it's big and comfortable. This is where many US Presidents have stayed for some reason. Maybe it's because the hotel is so central.
Nibs requested a suite with a view of the pool. The lady at the front desk was very nice about it and asked where he was visiting from. Nibs explained he was local but was basically taking a vacation from his wife. She understood.
Nibs took the elevator to the top floor where his suite was located. He couldn't wait to have a sound night's sleep! He likes Fopsie but he is looking forward to not hearing her name for the next 24 hours...


  1. how will Teddy survive on her own???

  2. I think the question is really how will Nibs survive without Teddy? I recall how he felt when he sent her to Vegas because he thought he needed a break from all her drama.