Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Will The Secret Get Out?

October 13, 2010
Frazzled over their "family secret" getting out, Teddy called Herbert to her house for some coffee and chocolates to discuss the pressing matter.
Teddy told Herbert that she didn't want anyone finding out they grew up "monetarily challenged" in Santa Barbara and that Nibs bailed them out of a life of hard labor.
Herbert said Fopsie was going to find out at some point and he wanted to tell her himself. Also, he needs to explain he's not really British, he only just picked up a British accent while working there. Hey, it happens!
Teddy said maybe it's best to tell Fopsie but then tell her not to tell anyone else but they could not tell Nibs.
Herbert was a little confused, but said OK. "What's the big deal Teddy?" he said. "I have a great job now and those days in Santa Barbara are long behind us."
"I don't want my Beverly Hills friends knowing I was once poor!" screamed Teddy. That Teddy. She just has to keep up with the Joneses!


  1. Should Teddy just tell everyone the truth?

  2. Oh Teddy. Don't you think people would still find you adorable regardless of whether you grew up rich or poor. If Teddy is so afraid of people discovering her true background, I am not surprised she is on edge so much of the time. I feel bad for tortured Teddy.