Monday, October 18, 2010

Meet Me At Ugo

October 18, 2010
Fopsie got a call Sunday morning. Herbert said to meet him at Ugo in Culver City for brunch.
She arrived early and was nervous. She missed Herbert and just wanted to give him a big bear hug. She didn't want to confront him about his accent.
She asked for a quiet table outside. She then realized she was 30 minutes early! Well, at least it gave her time to prepare.
After rehearsing her questions over and over, Fopsie started to feel anxious. To calm herself, she browsed the dessert selection.
Mmmm, chocolate cupcakes! Fopsie wondered if Teddy came here often...


  1. No, I think she should be gentle with him and hear what he has to say. That is the only way he will trust her enough to tell her his secret.

  2. Is Fopsie a chocoholic like Teddy?