Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fopsie's Dilemma

October 14, 2010
With the scars still fresh from her split with Edward, Fopsie carefully considered what to do next with Herbert, who doesn't seem to be the person he says he is. She was so distracted with thoughts of Herbert that she could barely focus on work.
Even though Fops was supposed to read through a new movie script, she shirked her work duties and called Herbert. Shucks, he wasn't answering. She left a message. "We must talk, Herbert," she said.
Fopsie wants to have a face-to-face meeting with Herbert and hash this out. She likes him a lot, but wants answers.
She was too distressed to work and found herself looking out the window of her high-rise office. Poor Fops. This love thing has been a roller coaster for her!


  1. Do u think it will work out with Herbert?

  2. Fopsie reads scripts?!! Is she a producer? Has she thought of casting Teddy in one of her films?