Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Teddy Calls Herbert

October 12, 2010
Teddy wanted to get to the bottom of Herbert's flip-flopping British accent so she decided to give him a call this morning.
But then Teddy heard Nibs' voice in her head saying, "Don't get involved Teddy!"
Teddy quickly dismissed Nibs' voice and dialed away. (She never listens to Nibs when he's in the room so why would she listen to him when he's not in the room?!)
So like Herbert to not be home! He's probably out with Fops. Let's hope he keeps his British accent up! Teddy doesn't want Fopsie to know Herbert grew up not in England but in Santa Barbara near Teddy. They both worked at a bakery until Nibs single-handedly saved Teddy's entire clan from abject poverty. (It's the family secret--shhh.)


  1. Do u think Fopsie wouldn't like Herbert if she knew a) he wasn't really British and b) Nibs saved him from poverty?

  2. I think Fopsie would like Herbert even if he wasn't British and he came from poverty. Fopsie doesn't strike me as being so focused on status in a mate BUT she places a high value on honesty in a mate. Herbert's deception for whatever reason could be a deal breaker for Fopsie.