Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Peace and Quiet

October 5, 2010
Last night Nibs really enjoyed all the peace and quiet his hotel room provided.
He even got to read a few local magazines like L.A. Confidential, which featured the Kardashian girls on the cover. Nibs has no idea who they are but he hears Teddy talk about them.
Then he wondered if Teddy was going to call him and order him home. She's been awfully quiet these days...
Nibs started to think that it's really time for him to go home. He can't run away forever.


  1. Is it right that Nibs just checks into a hotel for a weekend all by himself? Would most wives be OK with that?

  2. I would say that for all her drama, Teddy is pretty cool with whatever Nibs does. She is very secure in her relationship with Nibs. I think Nibs is a little unfair in characterizing Teddy and checking into a hotel to get away from her is a bit too much like switching her off.