Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wok This Way

November 7, 2009
Last night Teddy and Nibs were too lazy to venture out for dinner so they ordered in. Their favorite take-out place is Wok On Fire on LaCienega Blvd.

Wok On Fire offers both Chinese and Japanese food satisfying the cravings of both Teddy and Nibs.

Teddy loves their Tiger Roll ($10) which has shrimp tempura inside and salmon on top. She often gets their Spicy Tuna Roll ($6) as well.

Nibs is partial to their Eel & Avocado Roll ($5.50). Their sushi really is shockingly good. To order just call 310-289-0102 or log onto


  1. their Orange Chicken and General Tsao Chicken are also very tasty...

  2. It looks like quite the selection you have there!

  3. I'd be ordering the General Tsao Chicken and egg rolls, thank-you beary much. Although the Orange Chicken sounds good too. Do they deliver to Chicago?

  4. there is also one on 3rd that is like a real restaurant
    buttons, u live in chicago? are there a lot of sushi places there?

  5. so lucky this is near u
    looks heavenly

  6. Wow...I'm very impressed by how good with chopsticks Teddy and Nibs are!