Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time For Tacos

November 17, 2009
Sometimes Nibs just needs a break from Teddy's frou-frou restaurants so yesterday he visited Pancho's Tacos on Venice Boulevard in Culver City which his friend told him was one of the best Mexican dives in Los Angeles!

Nibs really liked that the menu above the cash register had pictures of the meals. So helpful.

The ambiance was old Mexican charming with murals all over the walls. This work of art had a donkey in it. Nibs rarely sees donkeys in art work. Where Teddy takes him there usually are paintings of pastoral settings or Dutch flowers.

Nibs decided on the chicken tacos. His friend was wrong. This was not the best Mexican dive in Los Angeles, but it wasn't the worst either.

After lunch Nibs wandered around the joint. He found the wooden rooster amusing. Teddy would have liked that. Nibs already misses Teddy. Guess it's time to go home and see what that bear is up to!