Monday, November 2, 2009

Beach Burger

November 2, 2009
After all that Halloween celebrating Teddy and Nibs wanted to go out for a meal. Teddy suggested they try La Grande Orange on 2000 Main St. in Santa Monica because she wanted to test a new place and at the same time get some fresh beach air. La Grande Orange is located where the old Le Boulangerie used to be, a hip 1960s coffee spot the beachy bohemians used to kick back at. Nibs was thrilled with his burger and fries made with all organic ingredients. Teddy nibbled on her lunch but saved most of her appetite for her macaroon chocolate chip cookie and Diet Coke. That Teddy!


  1. next to the restaurant is a bakery, that is where Teddy is checking out all those yummy cookies!!!

  2. burgers by the beach...with a cookie thrown in? I'm there!!!

  3. How far from the beach is this place?

  4. the burger is huge! so big portions
    the cookie is big too