Monday, November 9, 2009

Neiman's Magic

November 9, 2009
While there is a Neiman-Marcus in Beverly Hills, Teddy might have to take the long drive to the Neiman's in Topanga from now on because it is full of whimsy and surprise. Check out the iridescent butterfly display that seemed like magic to Teddy and made her want to fly. So delightful. Neiman's also has every designer you can think of, not that Teddy is super label conscious (though she has pined for a Chanel purse for years--hint hint, Nibs). Stay tuned for more Topanga talk.


  1. Chanel purse. Black. Gold chain strap. Classic design. Just in case you are reading this Nibs.

  2. stupendous display
    i want to fly too

  3. that 2nd photo with the butterflies is magical! would love to see it up close