Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nibs in a Barrel

November 12, 2009
While Teddy went on an ice cream run Nibs took in the second floor of the Crate & Barrel in Beverly Hills.

He was very impressed with the furniture.

He also went downstairs to check out the linens.

This table runner looked perfect for Xmas... Oh no. Nibs is turning into Teddy!


  1. Nibs is soooooooooo cute! The first photo looks like it could be his living room... I like the table runner too. Nibs has such good taste. :)

  2. Nibs looks so at home in the 1st photo, the room suits him so well....where is his smoking jacket and glass of liquor?

  3. Nibs is a barrel, love that title. nice to see Nibs out and about a bit