Friday, November 20, 2009

The Pearl Necklace

November 20, 2009
This morning Teddy took in an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. This one was titled The Pearl Necklace which obviously piqued Teddy's interest because she has a thing for pearls!

Teddy was not disappointed with the episode which has a wonderful twist at the end! An old rich man asks his secretary to marry him. He says it's a great opportunity for her because he is supposed to die in a year and after he passes she will inherit $10 million. Her boyfriend tells her to go for it and she does.

On their wedding night the geezer gives her a necklace with only one pearl. She asks why one? He tells her she will get a pearl for every year they are married. The woman figures that will be her first and last pearl since her husband is so old.

But the old timer doesn't kick the bucket. He lives for another 25 years! Here you can see the poor woman has 25 pearls on her necklace! Agony! In the meantime her boyfriend married another woman and had a son with her...

Finally moneybags expires! The lady's boyfriend returns and demands a percentage of the $10 million for some reason Teddy doesn't understand. He didn't have to marry the old man. Why should he get a dime? The twist at the end made Teddy jump off her ottoman! The woman, now rich and old herself, marries her boyfriend's son whom she has befriended over the years. You see, there were cougars even back in the 1950s!


  1. AHP shows can be seen on a local PBS-afflilited station KVCR... It usually airs at about 11 pm at night. Teddy DVRs all the episodes...

  2. This really is the best Hitch TV episode for sure, it has all the great elements like great actor, interesting characters and a smart plot twist at the end...