Friday, November 13, 2009

A British Escape

November 13, 2009
Teddy loves her tea parties. A friend recommended she shop at Tudor House on 2nd Street in Santa Monica to stock up on the finest British pastries and imported teas.

Teddy was shocked by the large assortment of yummy things and instantly ordered a chocolate pastry to sample!

There were also tea cups for sale which Teddy thought was a very charming touch...

...And there was even a mini grocery section to pick up the latest Queen-approved jams and jellies.

Next time Teddy will bring Nibs for sure!


  1. Tudoe House also has 2 big tea rooms, one can be rented out for private events... :)

  2. i have been there this place is great such nice treats and a relaxed atmosphere. i like that teddy eats a pastry RIGHT AWAY!

  3. looks like a great selection. don't eat too much Teddy!

  4. Love this place
    will for sure visit soon