Thursday, November 19, 2009

Monkeying Around

November 19, 2009
Teddy found all kinds of unusual things at the LaCienega playground like this spinning question mark thing. Teddy didn't get it but maybe the tykes do.

To strengthen her arms, Teddy took to the monkey bars. Good thing bears have a strong grip or else she would have fallen down to the sand many times. How do humans do it?

Afterwards Teddy did a little more climbing to get her Flexor Digitorum Superficialises going. (Translation: forearm muscles.) Teddy thinks she's getting a better workout than Nibs!

After Teddy's big exercise regimen she treated herself to a little something-something out of the vending machine. Teddy just loves vending machines. To her, they are boxes of joy!


  1. After much thinking, Teddy settled on Starburst...

  2. I have never seen Teddy work out before. Did she break a sweat? Don't overdo it TEDDDDDDDDDDY!

  3. teddy is strong
    i bet she got 5 packs of starburst!