Saturday, November 28, 2009

Palm Springs It Is!

November 28, 2009
The day after Christmas Nibs wants to take Teddy somewhere glamorous and thought about Palm Springs because it's only a two hour drive from L.A.

He had heard The Riviera was the place to go so he checked it out online. This is where Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin used to chill out.

Teddy will love their gigantic pool and hot tub plus all the spa services. Nibs will enjoy their three restaurants and golf course.

Maybe Nibs will make this an annual tradition. A vacation after the holidays. So clever that Nibs!


  1. the riviera has holiday deals right now... very good prices!

  2. what if Teddy sees this? It will no longer be a surprise. does teddy look at the blog?

  3. great choice. went there recently. very retro-ish. Teddy will like it. Nibs is good to his bear