Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bear Necessities

January 6, 2010
Teddy's friend Fiona told her when she's feeling anxious she should fill her house with happy things. And with Aunt Endora's impending arrival, Teddy sure has been anxious. So she stocked up on some of her faves, like these orange roses. They remind Teddy of her first date with Nibs in 1999. Sigh.
Orange candles also soothe Teddy's frayed nerves, especially when they're in antique candle holders like this one that Fopsie gave her in 2001 when they first became friends.
And, let's not forget chocolates, which are Teddy's best medicine. Lately, Teddy has been into Werther's Original Chocolates. So creamy and yummy, Teddy can eat 10 in one sitting without breaking a sweat. That Teddy! She sure doesn't count her calories.
How do you stay anxiety free?

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  1. A hot bath works if it's night and during the day, a walk outside can be calming.