Monday, January 10, 2011

Pretty Claws For Aunt Endora

January 10, 2011
There is no way Teddy wants to get caught looking unglamorous when Aunt Endora arrives from England. Remember, AE was the bear who always put Teddy down when she was a wee little cub. So Teddy glammed up this weekend by painting her claws a cheerful light lavender.
Teddy just loves the new Hello Kitty "claw" polish available only at Sephora. So cheerful!
Next Teddy applies a top coat so her claws get nice and sparkly.
And lastly, Teddy applies cuticle oil so the area around her claws stay smooth.
Because Teddy has been "tame," if you will, for so long, her claws have diminished. But you can still see some tiny little claws if you look hard enough.
Can you see them? Maybe if you squint? Anything???

1 comment:

  1. Maybe Teddy can get some false claws to enhance her own like she did with the false eyelashes at Halloween. Teddy is really getting her claws ready for AE. Will there be a Teddy tussle?