Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cupcakes For Breakfast

January 19, 2011
Teddy was so distressed over the thought of all the doom and gloom the devilish Aunt Endora could cast over her best friend Fopsie's relationship with her cousin Herbert that Teddy called for an emergency 10 am meeting with Fops. Cupcakes from Dolce Isola on Robertson Boulevard, the bakery for The Ivy restaurants, were served.
Fopsie begged for advice on how to deal with Herbert's mother. Teddy said she had no clue how to win over the old AE. For decades Teddy has tried to appease her aunt to no avail.
Fopsie was quite put out. She really, really, really wants to marry Herbert and doesn't want his mom messing things up. She is certain Aunt Endora will demand Herbert move back to England. There must be a way to win the lady over!
Teddy knew she should be helping her pal out, but all she could think of was the Red Velvet cupcake that was in front of her. Teddy is simple in many ways. Put sugar near her paws and she zones out.
The cupcake sure looks yummy doesn't it? How many bites do you think it took Teddy to finish the thing?

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  1. That strawberry frosting looks delicious!