Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, No Plans

January 4, 2010
Only a few days into 2011, Teddy is already stressing out about what plans to make.
She has ZERO things on her calendar and that makes her nervous.
When Nibs approached, as he always does, he got several requests from Teddy. Like, vacation requests.
Oh no! Another year of Teddy begging for sojourns! What will Nibs do?


  1. We never did find out if Aunt Endora came to town to visit Herbert and check out Fopsie. Did she delay her trip until after the holidays? Is that another reason for Teddy wanting to get out of town?

    Still, I sympathize with Teddy. I myself have the January blues and would love to go someplace warm and sunny (and tropical).

  2. Dear Nibs,
    Keep your bear happy!