Monday, January 17, 2011

She's Hereeeeeeeeee!

January 17, 2010
You won't believe who knocked on Teddy's door today! AUNT ENDORA!!! Herbert's dreaded mother! Teddy is quite frightened of her because when Teddy was young, AE was mean, even once calling her fat.
Teddy trembled as she offered Herbert's mother a seat on the sofa. AE immediately started asking questions, like when she could meet Teddy's friend Fopsie, who had "managed to catch the eye of my son Herbert"?
But then Teddy noticed something off about AE: she was much smaller than Teddy recalled. Had she shrunk? Or had Teddy been so terrified of her aunt when she was a wee cub that she just thought of her as larger than life?
Teddy was cordial enough, offering her aunt caramels with sea salt from Williams-Sonoma. But she didn't know what to say except that Fopsie was an exceptional bear and perfect for Herbert.
After 20 minutes AE seemed like she'd had enough of Teddy's chit chat so she got up and made her way toward the door. "Tell your friend Fopsie to call me," she barked. "I'll be staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel." And with that mini menace was gone!


  1. Aunt Endora is a mini-E! She is so tiny that her pearls look like large stones. Still, she looks very determined and ferocious but not too much for Teddy to handle.

  2. Oh my gosh, I think we'd be scared of her too. Maybe a little honey would make her nicer?