Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Martha Stewart's Weddings, Of Course

January 25, 2011
There was no pause button for Teddy once Fopsie broke the news that she was now engaged to Herbert. Teddy immediately went out and bought the best wedding magazines for the two of them to peruse.
Teddy suggested Fopsie wear a long, white, silk gown, then added that's what she wore when she tied the knot with Nibs 10 years ago on a bluff in Santa Barbara.
Fopsie thanked Teddy for her advice, but said she was more interested in lace.
Then Fopsie surprised Teddy by asking her to be her maid of honor. "Yes, of course, I'd be honored!" said Teddy. As you may have already guessed, TEDDY LOVES WEDDINGS!
Poor Nibs. He will have to endure Teddy's wedding talk for months.

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  1. Wow! Who will have the bigger wedding, Fopsie & Herbert or Prince William & Kate?