Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Coffee and Cookies and Aunt Endora and Aleve

January 5, 2010
Today Teddy was lucky to have a visitor: her sister Felicia, who she's been getting along with much better. Teddy served coffee and shortbread cookies.
The ladies talked about their plans for 2011. Then Felicia brought up a good point: isn't Herbert's mother, the dreaded Aunt Endora, coming to town?
Teddy nearly choked on her shortbread. With all the holiday excitement she had forgotten about AE (Aunt Endora). AE didn't come for Christmas or New Year's. But maybe she will make a surprise visit.... That's so like her, thought the bears.
They both decided to give Herbert a call and ask for a plan of action. If they unite they may be able to cope with AE. (Oh, that's Felicia on the left and Teddy on the right, in case you get confused. They do look a lot alike!)
All the stress got to poor Felicia, who developed a nasty headache and had to take an Aleve.


  1. Yes, the holidays can be a bit of a diversion. In January the old problems resurface. I am looking forward to meeting this Aunt Endora. If she's half of what the sisters say she is, we are in for some fireworks!

  2. Hope you feel better Felicia. If you need some honey to put in your hot tea, just let us know! Honey and tea are really good with shortbread cookies too!