Friday, January 28, 2011

Herbert Gets Mushy

January 28, 2011
This morning Fopsie opened her mail and was stunned to see a love note from her fiance Herbert. He has never sent a love note before! Her heart melted a little. Awww.
The Hallmark card Herbert chose was beautiful and his writings were so heartfelt. Fopsie was deeply impressed. Being engaged has some added benefits! Herbert has never been more wonderful.
This love note sending stuff is new to Fopsie. Before Herbert came along she was Miss Career Woman. She didn't know how to respond (with flowers? chocolates?) so she called (guess who?) Teddy for advice. (Why anyone calls Teddy for advice is hard to understand, but Fopsie seems to think everyones favorite crazy bear is actually kinda sane.)
Teddy suggested Fopsie respond with a poem. A POEM? Gadzooks!

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