Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eggs A La Teddy

January 27, 2010
With all this wedding talk, Teddy wanted to do something nice for Nibs. So she made herself breakfast for a change. Teddy thinks she makes the best eggs on the planet so she wants to share her recipe. Ingredients: 2 eggs, some slices of very sharp Cheddar cheese, and a pinch of minced onions.
First Teddy adds some butter in a non stick pan then tosses in some minced onions (the dehydrated kind have more flavor; freshly cut onions are too watery) then cracks her eggs into the pan.
Next, flip the eggs then put the cheddar cheese slices on top. Teddy likes SHARP cheddar cheese because there is more flavor.
"The cheese will never melt properly if you don't put a lid over the eggs to seal in the heat," says Teddy.
Just seconds later the eggs are done! Teddy likes to eat her cheddar eggs with some whole grain toast and orange slices.
Where's Nibs? Most likely hiding from Teddy and her crazy wedding talk!


  1. yum! I love cheesy eggs!

  2. Those eggs look so good! I think I read that Nibs doesn't like Teddy's cooking. Maybe he slipped out for breakfast at Nate 'n Al's.