Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Teddy's Comeback: Stage One

January 13, 2010
Last night, with a new fire in her heart, Teddy headed to Borders bookstore in Century City to find some books to guide her comeback to the silver screen.

Looks are a major commodity in Hollywood so Teddy hit the beauty aisles first. How Not To Look Old was a good start.

How To Be Lovely was next. There was no greater Hollywood legend than Audrey Hepburn.

Then Teddy perused the self-help aisle. Though Teddy already broke into acting years ago, Breaking Into Acting For Dummies could help her comeback.

The Idiot's Guide to Acting also had some helpful hints...

Like Gloria Swanson's character in Sunset Boulevard, Teddy is determined to remind everyone she's Hollywood gold!


  1. Teddy bought a dozen books. Wish her luck!

  2. Teddy doesn't look OLD! Love the Audrey book, so chic!

  3. what about acting classes? maybe teddy needs a refresher?