Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Teddy At Da Mall" Movie!

January 28, 2010
This morning Nibs took Teddy to The Westside Pavilion to film her first YouTube video.

There Nibs followed Teddy as she shopped at Nordstrom...

...and looked for leopard shoes...

...and looked for more shoes at Nine West...

...hey, sale!

Teddy even took a Starbucks break where Nibs made a cameo on the film. Check out their video, titled "Teddy At Da Mall," at

Leave comments if you want (this is Teddy's YouTube debut so be kind. You know how worked up she gets over these things!).


  1. go to and enter "Teddy At Da Mall" in the search box. It will come up that way too.

  2. We thought we saw you in a commercial this morning Teddy! Thought you got your big break!!

    I hope the link works...the teddy bear shot is right near the beginning!

    Bear hugs!

  3. this is the best movie I have ever seen on YouTube!

  4. Christy, good eye! That wasn't Teddy though she wishes she would have gotten that job. :)

  5. Did Nibs hold Teddy's purse while she shopped?