Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Going Gossip

January 26, 2010
This morning Teddy took a page from Norma Desmond's book by cozying up to a gossip columnist. Mona Mars, a writer for Star, has been a friend of Teddy's for years and told her to come on up to her Wilshire Boulevard office.

Teddy couldn't believe how big the offices were and how many stars they wrote about. Maybe they could write about Teddy too?

Mona said if Teddy wanted the tabloids to help her with her comeback, she better start shopping on Robertson Boulevard so the paparazzi could take pictures of her. No pictures, no tabloid coverage.

Ohhhhh, thought Teddy. She needed to be seen in all the right places. Teddy couldn't wait to call Nibs and tell him her new plan!


  1. Teddy also thinks some new jewelry could help her. have any ideas?

  2. good one Jennifer! I will have to go tiara shopping 4 Teddy