Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Bachelor is Back!

January 6, 2010
On Monday night Teddy watched the season premiere of The Bachelor. Teddy just loves this show.

Jake Pavelka is the new bachelor. Because he's a pilot this season's show is called The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love. Corny!

Right away Teddy noticed that Jake takes his shirt off more than any other bachelor in Bachelor history. Obviously he's a sell out and is game for anything.

Teddy's favorite contestant was Elizabeth from Washington D.C. who is a military pilot. Too bad Jake cut her on the first episode. Teddy already thinks he has terrible judgment. Grrrr.

Nibs is totally opposed to Teddy watching The Bachelor. He thinks it's trashy. But no matter how many times Nibs tells her to "turn that off!" she just keeps watching.

You just can't tell a bear what to do.


  1. I am sure that Nibs watches a show that Teddy is not so fond of either! I enjoy watching the Bachelor too!