Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Teddy Opens Up

January 12, 2010
As everyone knows, Teddy has been in a bad mood ever since she returned from her luxurious trip to San Francisco. Nibs has been in such a funk over it he's been avoiding Teddy. When he came home last night to face Teddy and have "the talk" he found her reading the entertainment industry trades, something she rarely does.

Nibs asked Teddy what was going on and whether her bad mood was gone. That's when she let out an ear-splitting cry and threw up her paws!

Teddy broke down in tears and told Nibs she felt "washed up" because she wasn't getting any acting jobs. You see, Teddy used to be a screen icon back in her day. (Her standout role was a bear on Reese Witherspoon's bed in Legally Blonde). But lately? No job offers.

Nibs comforted Teddy and told her they would work it out together. If she wanted a career comeback, he would get her one!

He also let her know the next time she is in a funk she needs to talk to him about it. It only makes life worse to hide your problems!


  1. fyi, Nibs has never acted in films or anything else, not his thing

  2. Teddy just needs a good agent, that's all

  3. there aren't that many acting jobs out there. maybe Teddy should pitch her own reality show?